Southern Africa has it all

Adventure and incredible opportunities. Nowhere else can business and leisure be so perfectly combined. A trek to Southern Africa includes an extraordinary variety of travel options from the adventurous to the ultra-luxurious; including game reserves, cosmopolitan cities, mountain resorts, and pristine beaches.

Our goal at African Treks is to provide the best of what Southern Africa has to offer at competitive rates. We custom design tours, adventures and safaris that reflect your interests and budget. And thanks to an extremely favorable exchange rate, extravagances will not break your travel allowance!

Whether you're traveling for adventure, business or leisure, Southern Africa has something really special in store for you. Take a few moments to browse our site and see what we have to offer you, your group, or your team. If you are unable to find exactly what you are looking for, please contact us. If you never experienced Africa before we advice you check Africa Facts web site which has tons of inmportant information regarding Africa and these information can make your trip even more interesting.

Looking for an authentic African experience? The key to a successful African safari is to ensure that the company you choose is truly capable of providing what you are looking for in terms of the reserves in which the lodges and camps are situated, the wildlife viewing opportunities, the design and style of the camps, and the knowledge and quality of the guides and staff. For journeys that change people's lives, visit Wilderness Safaris... then contact us. Discover what awaits you in the magical Southern hemisphere where the rich cultural diversity and exquisite natural beauty promise visitors a grand adventure!